Star Wars: X-Wing


The East Coast Rumble is excited to host our first X-wing event.

WHEN: Saturday, May 14th @ 12:00pm
WHERE: Veterans of Foreign Wars, 6 Broadway, Clark, NJ
– 100-point squadrons
– 75-minute rounds
– 15-minute breaks between rounds
– Swiss-pairing based on attendance, maximum 5 swiss with a top 4 cut

– Tournament will follow official FFG Star Wars X-Wing tournament rules and FAQs
– Printed squadron lists provided

X-wing medal, Spring 2015

4 Alt. art Tycho Celchu cards for the top 4 Finishers

4 X-wing dice bags

Acrylic Stress Tokens

Alt. art Recon Specialist cards


We may also have some goodies for Armada players as door prizes or random giveaways!

Register for the Event HERE

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